Resonance Absinthe Films’ Sphere of Influence Tour is back! This year we are excited to share our newest work, Resonance, with you and your friends.

Resonance is an artistic celebration of Mother Nature’s 2011/2012 winter and captures the highlights in snowboarding across the globe in backcountry and park riding with the best snowboarders on the planet.

The Sphere of Influence Tour is Absinthe Films’ annual carbon neutral film tour, bringing featured riders to an art house theater near you. This time we are teaming up with more local, environmentally based, non-profits to help educate our audiences on green initiatives in their communities that challenge climate change and ultimately keep the epic snow coming. Look forward to connecting with Kootenay Carshare in the lobby before the show!

Our premieres are all ages events. We encourage you to walk, skip, bike, skate or use public transportation to get to the theater. Get stoked for winter and come see Resonance on the big screen first.

Tickets are available at select snowboard retail shops, Tribute, Valhalla Pure, Ripping Giraffe and at the door.

Check out the North American Tour page or our website for more details!

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